Pet Cameras To Watch Over Your Precious Pets

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Pet lovers often face a dilemma when they step out of their homes as to how would they know what their pet would be doing. Will it be up to some mischief and get hurt, will they be all right, the mind ponders over various possibilities. To give a solution to these issues pet cameras are used to keep an eye on the furry and feathery friends at home.

The home automation companies introduced these as pet cameras which are smart gadgets for your home. Recently a write up about pet cameras had been published in From that, eight pet cameras which have a distinctive advantage over others are:

The Petzi Treat Cam

The Petzi Treat camera is a smart device with wifi connection and remote treat dispenser. It comes with a petzi app which can be installed on the user’s smartphone. Through this app, the owner can see the pet, talk to it, offer it some snacks and even click pics of the pet enjoying snacks and share it on social media through the Petzi social network.

It has smartly designed treat launcher, voice communication facility and wide angle camera with dark vision technique. The only disadvantage is that, though the pet can hear what the owner talks to it, the owner will not be able to listen to the voice of his pet.

Pawbo Pet Camera

This camera has 110-degree wide camera lens, 720 Hp video recording and photography, and a treat tray which can be swivelled. It also has a laser dot chase game to keep the pets engaged. Pawbo is regarded as one of the most versatile pet cameras available in the market. The only disadvantage is that it does not support night vision. So owners of pet cats might find it difficult to keep track of its night activities.

PetChatz HD

This camera along with other features of previous two cameras has a two-way communication interface between the pet and owner and also soothing scent dispensing facilities. There is also an additional Pawcall button which blinks when the owner is free to chat. It will be placed on the ground or wall readily available by the pet. It can be trained in such a way that when it sees the blinking light, it will press the button and call the owner. Its only drawback is that it is costlier than other pet cameras.


Petcube is a moderately priced pet camera with 138-degree wide angle, two-way audio and laser game to keep the pet occupied. The only disadvantage is that it does not dispense treats.


Motorola Scout66

The Motorola Scout66 offers an app interface which clearly shows the pet’s environment like the room temperature and other minute details. Thus the owner can be sure that the pet is cozy and comfortable. But the only disadvantage is that if users want to use all advanced features, then they have to subscribe to a Hubble connected plan.

Eyenimal Cat Videocam

As the name itself denotes, it is a lightweight camera specially designed for cats and other small animals. Here there is an option to set the video to motion detection mode. So the video only records when the animal moves, thereby saving disk space. The disadvantages are low battery life and absence of live streaming facility.

Pairing of GoPro camera with GoPro Fetch Harness

This unique pairing helps the user in viewing the world from a dog’s point of view. It can be mounted on dog’s chest to monitor daily activities like digging, eating, and other front paw actions. It can also be mounted to dog’s backside. The disadvantages of this are that it can’t be used for small pups or cats. Also, the whole system is expensive.

Arlo Smart Home Security Camera

This camera is cent percent wire free and delivers HD quality videos and pictures even in the dark. It is also weatherproof and so can be easily used to monitor pet’s outdoor activity. It has an additional advantage that it also functions as a home security system in addition to pet monitoring. But at the same time, it lacks some pet specific programs available in the previous cameras.

Hence, just like an efficient home automation system creates a safe and secure environment for the humans, pet cameras ensure the safety and well-being of pets.

The Ultimate Guide To Choosing Pet-Friendly Decors For Your Home


The title of this article may sound weird and funny. However, there is a huge need for pet-friendly decor as more and more people are raising pets at homes.

As pets are playful they can harm your furniture, floorings and other interiors. An Experienced Interior designer, Qatar can help you regarding this. The pet-friendly interior design 2017 is important for your pets to roam inside your house without any danger. provides a clear insight of decors for pets. A pet-friendly house can also be best suited for people.

Here are few strategies we can follow to create a pet-friendly space:

A Big No to Expensive Rugs
We can use rugs on our floors, but the key is the rugs must be inexpensive. Avoid carpets as it will be tiresome to clean it. Rugs are easy to be maintained. Maintenance is important. If not it may lead to skin problems for humans. They can withstand for longer years. Change your rugs when it has worn out as their price is less. Sisal and seagrass mats provide elegance to your living space.


No to Carpets
Carpets for pets are not a good idea. The main problem we face is the maintenance. As the material is thick it absorbs the odours and pet stains stick onto it easily. So it is difficult to maintain carpets. Continuous loop carpets can be avoided as it leads to pet accidents. Carpet lovers can try out modular carpets which are easier to replace and maintain.

Pet-Friendly Floor Surface
Bare floors are the best pet-friendly surface. Wooden floors are easier to maintain. It gives a warm glow to the room. We should be aware of the fact that large dogs may scratch wooden floors. Bare floors can be decorated with paintings. Ceramic tiles are a better option. They are easy to clean and are stain resistant. Marbles and natural stones are not a good choice for floors. These kinds of stuff are acidic which may affect your pet’s’ health.

No to Fragile Decors
Glass art collections should not be reachable to your pets. It is better to avoid them, as pets can break them into pieces. Fragile collections can be showcased in a china cabinet with doors. The cabinets should be out of reach for your pets. Art hangings can be placed in walls. Paintings, photos can also be used to decorate your living space.

Stain Resistant Fabric Comes to the Rescue
Stain resistant fabrics come to our rescue as it can withstand tough stains, bad odours, etc. Crypton fabrics are stain resistant. Try using them for sofas, mattresses, etc. Leather is also another good choice of stuff which is stain resistant.

Semi-Gloss Paint Helps
Walls are of a major concern when you have a pet around. Ordinary paints turn out to be messy when the pets play around. The best option is to go for a semi-glossy paint. It is easier to wipe out the dirt using a cloth.

It is a must to provide a pet-friendly interior in your house to avoid accidents and health issues for humans, especially children. Maintenance friendly interiors are the key to start with.

What One Needs To Know About Pest Control?


If you need help controlling any insects or bugs you may have encountered in your house, you may want to consider using a reputed pest control company. Such firms always believe in hiring crm oriented sales people, who have gone through detailed sales force training in chennai as this feature is mandatory for starting a pest control business in any big or small cities. This fact is well stated in the famous website which is known website in the corporate world.

What the pest control companies offer?

Here is some information about the services they provide.

Using a pest control company to eradicate any pesky critters in your home or business is usually a good idea for all involved. Although you can certainly try to control any problems on your own, it is hard to compete against the services a professional company can provide. Learn more about what they do before making any decisions.

· Expertise & Experience: Due to their expertise, a pest control company can quickly identify the bugs and insects you are dealing with, including which insecticide are needed to do the job.
· Their services usually come with a guarantee, and a maintenance schedule can be developed which will help to prevent any recurrences.
· The government regulates the ingredients in the pesticides so safety should not be an issue, and the technicians are trained in the proper strength and amount to use for the best results.

pest2Some companies will also offer a free inspection of your home in order to get your business, which can sometimes spot future problems before they develop, such as a termite infestation in the early stages. Hiring an exterminator may seem like a luxury in today’s economy, but it can be worth every penny as far as peace of mind is concerned.

Look for a professional exterminator

You may have been recently victimized by an age-old enemy of humans that has re-surfaced in the last decade or so – bed bugs. It is common knowledge that once they have settled into your home, they are extremely difficult to get rid of. They can usually be found in and around your mattress and bedding, but they can also spread to other places in your home, such as the furniture, carpeting, and drapes, and even behind wallpaper. Therefore, you need the knowledge and expertise of a professional exterminator to get rid of these annoying bugs and their eggs, although it may take several thousand dollars to treat an entire house.

Prevention is better than cure

If you are a homeowner, you definitely do not want to be told you have termites, as these tiny insects can destroy your home’s structure by eating any wood they can find. Therefore, early detection is vital to controlling this pest before the value of your house is affected, since major damage can occur after only a few weeks.

If your home becomes infested, treatment involves placing a large tent over your entire house and then releasing an insecticide slowly to kill the termites. Following treatment, your house will be inspected for wood damage, which will be repaired or replaced by the company. This process should only be handled by professionals because of the complex chemicals and treatment mechanisms needed. The peace of mind you will get is definitely worth it.